Element Of Freedom

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    Ask your mother how your father
    Was sold yesterday to the hands of
    righteous death, curling in fearful fist.
    His stomach was empty with a widened
    wild hunger and she left him to die.
    Ask her of your name "Kamchetanna".
    Ask her of your sisters and brothers sold
    into slavery before you were born.
    She has a tale to tell of you in her mouth,
    Let not this song split from my mouth
    like the old Imo and Abia...
    For the love of yesterday when we danced
    For the craving eyes of another past generation
    Freedom that calls has no guilt to kill
    Freedom that speaks has no envy but
    Element like the gathering of the clouds in summer
    Like the chirping of the winter birds in the air
    Like the waving hands of the hibiscus flowers
    I have no bed that calls for absence of a body
    Ask your mother for the freedom to explore
    See yourself by yourself; for it's been long
    You saw yourself yourself without a mirror
    For winds will slide no more into your thought
    Rays of sunlight brighten your smile again
    Those dots of thin fragment substances of your laughter
    Could stand in between the night of motherhood
    And bound that exist between mother and daughter...
    Ask your mother what killed your father
    before another mistake creep in like a leper
    With a burning breast of pocketing darkness
    Welcomes you again.

    ©John Chizoba Vincent
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  • Oyin Young: Tuesday, 27 December 2016 at 16:49:00
  • Label(s): John Chizoba Vincent , Poems
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