Inseparable - Concluding Part

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    "I just paid the money and they're treating her already" Dennis explained to 
    Amarachi and the driver. 

    "Oh! Thank God and thank you so much for responding" the driver said with 

    "It's okay, but why was it me you called?" 

    "I tried to call her father but he wasn't answering, I believe he was in a meeting" 

    "Okay, how did you get my number?" 

    "I checked the call log on her phone, your number was the last she dialed" 

    "My number?" 


    "Oh! That's amazing" Kelvin said to himself before talking aloud again. "Well, I'm 
    hungry and I want to get something to eat" 


    "I'm sure you're hungry too" Kelvin asked Amarachi. 

    "Yes, I am" she replied, standing up from where she sat. "I think I should go with you" 

    They walked out together and returned about thirty minutes later, they saw the 
    driver approaching the reception seat as they sat down. 

    "Welcome back" he greeted, seating next to Kelvin. He continued before they 
    replied, "Her Dad's representative just called me and I've related the news to him" 

    "Oh! Good, but have you seen Ini? Is she okay now?" 

    "The doctor says she needs someone to donate blood to her" 

    "Ermm... Lets go see him together" 


    *** 11:50pm*** 

    Luckily for Bode, an alarm was raised by someone who saw Uche load the gun while 
    using another urinal. 

    Bode was quick to kick to kick open a door and dodge behind one of the walls 
    demarcating the six WCs in a roll. He brought out his gun and got ready to attack as 
    other men scampered out of the toilet in fear. 

    His tried to stand up and peep but his strength had waned and he began to feel 
    weak. He struggled to peep and saw Uche walking closer carefully. 

    Uche saw his head pop out and shot at him but he quickly dodged. Uche dodged 
    behind another wall too, and they shot monitored and shot at each other at the 
    slightest chance they had. 

    It was not too long when other police men began to show up. Uche gunned down the 
    first three that came in as he caught them unawares. 

    Bode carefully waited for the best opportunity, he heard Uche making a call. 

    "Come get me out of this place, the police are here already" 

    Uche killed more and more as the police tried to attack, Bode heard another sound 
    apart from gunshots, it was one of shattered glass. 

    He struggled to get up and peep, he saw Uche trying to escape through the window 
    which was already broken, he shot severally at Uche but missed, he returned to his 
    hiding position sure that he had somehow restricted Uche from passing through the 
    window easily. 

    His bones felt weaker and unable to support him but he still struggled to stay strong. 
    He relieved himself a little by leaving his squatting position and sitting not minding 
    that he was in a toilet. 

    The place was silent for some seconds except from sounds getting in from outside 
    the toilet. 

    "I'm at the toilet, bring enough guys" Bode overheard Uche discussing on phone. He 
    tried to get up again but his strength could not carry him, he began to hear 
    occasional sounds of movements from Uche's direction. He was embittered that he 
    couldn't check what was going on. 

    The situation was the same for a few more seconds until some rolled into toilet and 
    hid behind the next partition wall. 

    Bode was happy to see Helen, she looked prepared for the job. 

    "How are you doing?" She called out in whispers to him before carefully moving to 
    his side from the wall where she hid. "Are you hurt" 

    "No, I'm weak" he replied with a smile. 

    "Okay, try to be strong, we'll get out of here soon" she encouraged him. 


    "Try to move backwards a little and give me some space at the front" 

    Bode smiled and tried to move but his strength would not take him. He was still 
    smiling as Helen carefully supported him to shift backwards with her stronger hand 
    but his smile turned into a frown when he saw Uche at their front already, pointing a 
    gun at him, Helen did not see him quickly as she was backing the door. 

    Uche wasted no time in releasing two bullets to Bode but it didn't get to him as 
    Helen shielded him quickly, receiving the bullet into her body. 

    She felt weak immediately but still struggled to turn as she laid her back on Bode's 
    legs, she tried to pull the trigger but her gun fell from her hand. 

    Uche gave a wicked smile; one of victory. He stared at Helen and Bode for some 
    seconds, enjoying the helpless look on their faces. 

    "Say hi to them in hell for me" Uche said and was about to pull the trigger again but 
    was hit by two bullets from the back. 

    He fell to his knees slowly, he mustered strength to raise his arm again but was not 
    given the chance to shoot as Dennis released several more bullets into his body. He 
    fell helplessly and gave up the ghost immediately. 

    Bode's eyes was filled with tears as he watched Uche fall down. Dennis started to 
    walk towards Bode and Helen. 

    Bode painfully lifted Helen's body closer to his, he looked straight into her eyes and 
    more tears flowed down. His mouth met hers and they kissed passionately before 
    her eyes finally closed. 

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