Love Turned Sour

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    By Kingsley Godstime

    I thought we were lovers
    I never knew I was wrong
    You took all the kisses from my mouth away
    And even my feeble tongue you sucked

    Your love for me was a pretense
    Very far from your heart
    Now I'm vanished from your presence
    Just take heart

    My parent warned me against you
    Saying you were not good for me
    But I was so blind by the pretentious Love
    Which you portrayed before me

    Well, thanks for your lies and deception
    Even your falsified affection
    My precious time you help me wasted
    And my investment which I have melted

    If you will ever find a true lover
    Who is as caring as me
    I'm writing this to the person to beware
    Of the sting which you can cause
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  • Oyin Young: Thursday, 29 December 2016 at 19:59:00
  • Label(s): Kingsley Godstime , Poems
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