The Promise Keeper - Trailer

  • Going through mid-life crisis is one of the worst experiences a man can have. However, tenacity to basic principles of life will make a ride on the storm a rollercoaster. 

    The promise keeper is the story of David Akeju who loses his beloved wife and can't seem to ever get her off his mind. He made a ridiculous promise to his wife before her death which he intends to fulfill before taking his own life. This promise he finally fulfills and it earned him the name, 'The Promise Keeper'. This makes him gain sudden popularity all over the world but he vanished afterwards, attempts to find him proved futile. His wallet and other materials that could be used to identify him were later found at the bank of a sea, after he jumped off a cliff. 

    But miraculous, his life is kept, the whole world thinks he's dead. He begins an entirely new life which opens up somethings in the past.

    Find out what happened in this exciting series. 

  • Oyin Young: Tuesday, 6 December 2016 at 02:51:00
  • Label(s): Romance , The Promise Keeper , Trailers
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