I Fell In Love - Part 5

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    By Toyin Taiwo

    Four month later, we all went back to school to collect our call up later, I went straight to the board where the list was pasted.

    I was posted to Edo state, Feranmi was posted to

    Abia state, Thessy was posted to Kebbi state.

    I met Emmanuel later in school area, we talked briefly, he told me he was posted to Lagos state.

    “You are posted, or you posted yourself to Lagos” I said jokingly and we both laughed.

    Feranmi called to inform me he can’t make it to Ib that very day, he said he’ll come the next day, I told him I’ll be staying at Sophia's.

    He came the next day and collected his call up later too. He called me to know my where about, I told him to meet me in front of SUB. He joined me some minutes later.

    “Hi babe” he said with a hug

    “Hi, how far are you through?”

    "Feranmi I’m leaving today, in fact I did not plan to sleep in Ib yesterday but since you couldn’t come yesterday I had to wait for you, I have to prepare for camp”

    “Why the rush, you still have the whole weekend to prepare Wait till tomorrow , we’ll travel back to Lagos together, I’m sure Sophia is not complaining or is it because Thessy left yesterday”

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  • Oyin Young: Sunday, 22 January 2017 at 09:00:00
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