More Shots Fired - Prologue

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    It was a fine, quiet morning. Peace filled the atmosphere. The time read 8:10 a.m. Past time for the day's business to fully start at the opened doors of The Highlanders' Bank, Ikoyi, Lagos. The premises was still very scanty for a Monday morning: no more than five souls in totals had passed through the Bank's entrance, and no less than three had boarded the paved way since the ten minutes the New-generation bank opened for the day's business.

    The Highlanders New-generation Bank was well known for its smooth accessibility all around the Ikoyi Banking world; and on a normal week day the banking hall would have been filled as soon as the doors opened for business; but things were playing out differently today.

    From the far end of the street (at the right hand side, should one stand outside the Bank's gate) a car's siren blazed very loud, and its tires raced fast. Louder and louder its wail kept increasing till the car roughly halted at the doorstep of the bank, with a mist of dust risen around it.

    A freckled man wearing a security-officer's uniform, stepped forward with the buoyancy of a person in his 30's. He walked to the passenger's door of the very dusty, black SUV he assumed to be the Police's, and stood at attention by the tinted glass of the passenger’s door awaiting whoever was inside to wind-down. He remained at that position for about a minute without any action from the vehicle's occupant(s). He soon became apprehensive, and began to stretch his neck continuously, motioning his face in many struggling attempts as he did so, to catch a glimpse of whatever it was that was happening beyond the tinted-window.

    The window started to unwind slowly, and with each movement, the man's apprehension and inquisitiveness skyrocketed. The cold feel of the metallic end of a suppressor fitted to a 9mm caliber handgun greeted his forehead and without any caveat, his grey matter mixed with his blood recolored the pavement. His lifeless body soon followed suit, and the bullet’s casing also, in no time.

    All four doors of the SUV simultaneously flew open, and out came the dare-devils.

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  • Talius Dike: Monday, 2 January 2017 at 06:00:00
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