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     Before You Boast about being a virgin, Read this

    By Kingsley Godstime

    Why has the gods turn their back against me?
    why have they turned my light to darkness?
    mixing my joy with exceeding sorrow
    giving me a spice of hope but of a sudden
    clouding it with a winter of despair
    My womb inflates and deflates
    yet nothing joy came forth
    I guess my womb has become the breeding home of Abikus
    I delivered Siwoku
    but he didn't last till cockcrow
    I gave birth to Matanmi
    but he didn't stop deceiving me
    why have you kept to the word of your spirit friends?
    why don't you behold my teary eyes?
    why don't you see reasons behind my obfuscate smile?
    Why did you hearken to the word of our fend?
    Why don't you say a goodbye to your spirit friends?
    Why don't you tell them you want to live and explore a new world?
    I'm seeing you a thousand yet the first time
    series of marks on your mild skin
    but you refuse to abound
    My breast milk yearns to be sucked
    My back yearns to carry you
    My mouth can't wait to sing lullabies to your tiny ears
    but you went back to the spirit world
    A world of joy in sorrow
    A world aimed to give agony
    A world of parents are scorned
    A world where happiness is derived when parents wails.
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  • Oyin Young: Friday, 3 February 2017 at 06:05:00
  • Label(s): Kingsley Godstime , Poems
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