The knob is faulty

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    The knob is faulty
    and my door is noisy
    My room is dark
    but there's light in the street
    I'm no alien to this sight
    My eyes give me light
    I stroll in this dark,
    bottles welcome me as I kick against them
    my way of saying 'I am back'
    I pull my shirt
    and make for the bed
    with shoes still on
    and belted pants
    there's ash in the tray
    but no stick to light
    I reach for a gum
    and feel a cork
    I sit upright to take a gulp
    My throat burns
    but I smile
    It's been six weeks since you left
    my face hurts from the heat of
    your last breath
    my heart's shattered
    that car crashed it
    The pills don't work
    so I do everything the Doc' said not to do
    Like alcohol, cigarettes and stress
    Hoping that someday I'l write you a poem
    with first verse like
    "eventually, I made it go away"
    I'll never be able to face you
    when you come out of me
    Someday I'll join you
    maybe then,
    we would make babies
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  • Oyin Young: Monday, 6 February 2017 at 06:25:00
  • Label(s): MiCi , Poems
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