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    By Kingsley Godstime

    lost in the world of thought,
    all the wars I have fought,
    I neither bargained nor sought,
    for a battle, victoriously lost.
    from sunrise to its time of set,
    unravelled, rolling moon about its girth,
    no caretaker or a mothers' birth,
    that's all, that's all I got from fate.
    Eon years, I strayed in dreary world,
    served thugs, dogs as my dear lord,
    my face smote the miry clay; mud,
    life fell in and gave a loud thud.
    when life's like coming to shade,
    when I have bid bye a bade,
    someone in a apes' shape
    came up and played some untrue tape.
    Just let me be lost in my dream world
    And forget you have one long lost ward.
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  • Oyin Young: Monday, 20 March 2017 at 19:41:00
  • Label(s): Kingsley Godstime , Poems
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