Jakuta - Episode 14

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    There were five heavily armed guys walking around the border leading into the Kingdom of  , on sighting them from afar, Bonka had ordered two of his men to creep in through the bush and wait for proceeding orders. He then led rest of the men behind him as they still continue to chant war songs. The enemy soldiers, first hearing war songs before finally seeing the soldiers led, they immediately brought out their bows and were about to string the arrows when Bonka screamed out orders to the two soldiers that crept in through the bush, this caught the enemy off guard and they had to do away with the arrows to pick up their swords and fight the two men that came out from the bush. Before they could even unsheathe their sword, more than ten of Bonka's men had pounded on them, they tried to fight them off but they were beaten hands down by the Hoyoh soldiers. One of the enemy soldiers who had seen that the odds didn't favour them had immediately made for his horse and fled away. One of the Hoyoh soldiers wanted to chase after him but Bonka's voice ordered him back.

    “Let him go,” Bonka said, as he climed down from the horse and walked straight to the lifeless bodies of the enemy warriors. “Well done guys, we have sent the signal now, through that coward that fled away on the horse.”

    “What do we do now ?” One of Bonka's men asked.

    “We wait,” he replied while he picked up the swords of the the dead soldiers and examined it one after the other, he then handed one to his own men and ordered him to hold it firmly up, the soldier did as ordered. Bonka drew out his own sword and in quick succession struck the sword in the hands of his own man. A loud clang and a little bit of sparkling lights dusted from the collision of the two swords. “Good steel, this is surely going to be one hell of a fight.” He was all smiled, this was a rare chance to exhibit his fighting skills and he was fully ready to utilise it completely. He was yet to take little more steps further when he paused, bent low, and laid his ear to the ground as if to listen to something, after few seconds, he stood up back and climed his horse back. “Fools, we threw a bait, and they came rushing like hungry dumb fishes. Warriors of Hoyoh, the fishes are coming straight into our trap, let us fish, shall we?”

    “Yes we shall.” A loud chorused reply as sounds of swords leaving it's sheaths also echoed.

    “Archers to the flanks,” Bonka screamed and ten men  bearing arrows marched into different sides of the bush, five to each side. “Ready!!!” He screamed again and they all strung their arrows and drew it as to shoot. The footsteps of horses could now be heard loudly, it sounded like a host of warriors were approaching, and indeed, it was a host of warriors. Most of the enemy soldiers marched towards them, they marched in all their might and numbers. When the Hoyoh soldiers finally saw them, and how outnumbered they were, fear began to creep in, but Bonka on the contrary had smiles plastered on his face. He drew out his sword, raised it up towards the marching enemies.

    “Halt.” He said, waited for the enemies to march closer, the enemies had now increased their pace now, they rushed towards the Hoyoh warriors. “Halt.” Bonka reiterated, and the enemies came even closer, they were now in range, still marching towards them with great pace. “Now!!!” Bonka screamed out loud and the archers released their arrows at the enemies. Some hitting the soldiers on the horse, and some hitting the horse itself which made some of the horses fall to the ground, thereby allowing even more horses run into the fallen horses and many more fell. They were yet to find their feet when Bonka's voice reverberated again.

    “Charge!!!” He yelled and they ran into the enemies, striking them while the enemies struck back.

    Things had worked according to Jakuta's plan, he had waited in a nearby bush to the palace with his men, they waited there until all the soldiers marched past them in large numbers. They came out few moments later and invaded the palace which was only guarded by handful men, defeating them was an easy pizzi, in no time they had located the prison where Ajaka, the Emperor was locked up in. Jakuta himself broke the locks to the prison and helped Ajaka out, they quickly proceeded into the throne room and found the traditional Crown of Hoyoh Empire lying on the throne, Jakuta picked the crown and headed back outside. He handed the Crown to Ajaka and told him to return to the empire immediately with the crown, he instructed two of his men to escort him back and almost as soon as they left, Jakuta led the rest of his men to where Bonka and his soldiers were fighting the enemies.

    The fight had been on for a while now, though Bonka and his men had fought bravely and killed a lot of the enemy soldiers, but the strength in the numbers of the enemies had now begun to reflect in the odd of the fight. They were completely outnumbered, the enemies were now killing and wounding the Hoyoh warriors, Inspite of all these, Bonka fought on cheerfully, it looked like he was enjoying the fight, if he was going to die, he would die fighting and as a happy man who had always craved to fight in wars. He wielded his sword, killed the enemies in their numbers, but the enemies who had noticed that he was the power house of the Hoyoh warriors had gathered round him, attacking him from every angle, he fought them off courageously, until one hit him with a sword from behind. He fell to his knees, and when the rest of the Hoyoh warriors saw this, hope left them completely, to them it was all over. Another was about to strike Bonka again, buh was hit by a flaming arrow. Bonka on seeing the Flaming arrow smiled widely and mouthed “Thimi, the flaming archer.”

    Almost immediately the flaming arrow landed in the heart of the soldier that was about to strike Bonka, all the enemies looked up front and saw a host of warriors  in black armour, large in numbers, larger than them. Thimi had brought soldiers of Ibiini Kingdom, like that wasn't enough to down the moral of the enemies completely, they had a roar from their behind, they turned backwards, and saw that it was Jakuta that was roaring as he approached on his horseback, riding towards them swiftly. As he raised his blade up high, pointing it to the enemies, an eye blinding lightening lit the clouds and a loud thunder strike followed immediately. Jakuta didn't stop roaring loudly until he got really close to the enemies, and then vomited fire unto one of the enemy soldier’s body and the body roasted completely. On seeing this, all the enemies soldiers went on their kneels and dropped their weapons, even the whole of the Hoyoh and Ibinni warriors opened  their mouth in amazement.
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