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    Son woke a day to see the sky so dark
    unusually gloomy with angry clouds
    son pointed up and asked mom
    "Mom, why is the sky angry has he not any food to eat?"
    perplexed mom looked up and beautiful but sad tears flew down her cheeks freely
    they flew down through her mentum
    son sensing some drop of tears on mom's eyes
    oh God, those holy tears of hers
    tears that reminds him of hardship
    tears that reminds him how hard their stomach rumbles
    tears that reminds him that they had to look on passerby with a small money bowl for survival
    son soon felt tiny drizzle of rain on his sore skin
    it dawned on him that they won't feed their ever demanding stomach that day
    Son bursted into uncontrollable tears.
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  • Oyin Young: Sunday, 21 May 2017 at 07:30:00
  • Label(s): Kingsley Godstime , Poems
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