Cracked Sources - B01 E01

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    Anna was new to the entire scenario of office romance. Her budding romance with Andrew, the only Lawyer at the firm who cared about her existence was way past the admiration level, yet she couldn't fully understand what exactly they between them. Maybe it was because they had sex that one time they both worked extra hours, probably that was the reason for her clouded judgement, making her think she wanted more from him than to be his office conquest. She liked the way he stared at her - she liked the way he was looking at her now. Her eyes remained fixated on his lips as they parted in sexy moves even though couldn’t understand a word that dropped from them.

    "I said, you can return The Crescent file to storage now."

    Anna finally heard him. His voice soother than the last time in her memory. She got a grip on herself and her raging hormones; all they commanded was that she grab and orally assault the demi-god before her. She finally collected the document, in silence for fear that she would say something wrong or worse, awkward. Andrew handed her another saying it was just as she requested, and he left her cubicle. His last statement kept Anna wondering - 'when did I make a request?’ In her confusion a piece of paper fell from its pages. Boldly written on it was the message - see you in 5!

    Anna smiled, and held the paper closer to her.


    Andrew had been at the rendezvous point for twenty minutes, dutifully awaiting Anna's arrival. "Ting!" The elevator cried, and a smile carved onto his face.

    "I was thinking you wouldn't show up.”

    Anna quietly walked towards him. She carefully maneuvered the debris all over the unkempt arena of unspeakable deeds. It was their third time within the last month of using this venue – the untidy office space on the 18th floor. It didn't make Anna like it any more than the last time. In her defense, she blamed her frustrated supervisor, Mr. Patrick, who’d always had it for her since the day he became her supervision six months ago.

    "It's alright." Andrew's words and finger moved simultaneously to halt her panic; he missed her, and she could tell. It hurt that they needed to play pretend while in the office space just to keep prying eyes away.

    "To hell with office rules," Andrew yelled to keep her happy.

    Andrew’s effortless ability to throw curse words about always made Anna cringe with guilty pleasure; it was one of the things she found incredibly sexy about him. He saw how much she was blushing, being played by her hormones. He asked if she wanted more. She gave a positive reply which was instantly followed by an invitation to his house. Anna expressed great concern over meeting his mother. Andrew’s mother had a reputation around the Firm. It was the one obstacle any lady in the firm had in mind whenever she paid attention to Andrew’s flirtatious advances. It was the one thing that slowed down his goal to conquer every female of Akin Chambers on the altar of his bed.  As an only child, his mother’s actions weren’t totally out of place. Andrew had grown accustomed to her overbearing protection, and always made his personal plans to maneuver hers. He immediately quelled Anna worries with news that his mother had left town for Atlanta, again.

    "Is that so?" Anna asked teasingly, she had gotten her answer and the rest were too much talk, she went straight to business of the day. On her knees, Andrew received the suction feel he had missed verily. Anna’s lips had the power to totally comfort a wailing man. They fondled some more after his release, and it was time to go.

    They left separately as usual to avoid the wagging tongue of rumor mongers

    Anna ran into Mr. Patrick at a sharp bend on the way to her office-space on the 13th floor. He had been furiously searching for her all the while she was at the unoccupied 18th floor with Andrew. Patrick was the kind of boss who couldn’t tolerate the slightest sign of insubordination, yet, he always received it. He wanted an update on the document Anna was supposed to recover from the storage for him.

    "I don't care where you've been," he began. "You know what?" his voice suddenly rose in anger. "You’re on two weeks’ suspension, with effect from now."

    Anna tried desperately to lie her way out of her most recent incompetence, but he was having none of it. "God help you to return with this same level of incompetence."

    Those words sounded more like a threat than an advice, and Anna took note of them: Should the day come when she needed to press charges against him for harassment, she knew the first piece of evidence to present.  Thoughts of Andrew soon covered any resentment she might have held onto. Reminiscing on their time together at the 18th floor caused her goosebumps – He made her forget to appease her angry boss before going to please him: Andrew had that much effect on her. She laughed, if there was anything she gained from the events of today, it was two weeks of holiday at Andrew’s palace where she'll be treated like the queen she believed she was.
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