Cracked Sources - B01 E02

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    The CEO, Mr. Akin, gave a big announcement today. Mark his only son was set to take over the mantle of CEO from next Monday, and he wanted his hardworking employees to know ahead of the press conference scheduled for later that day.

    The announcement saw lots of toasts, cheers and admiration to the exemplary leader stepping aside for the next generation to take over – Mr. Akin was without doubt a wonderful man, a visionary, and a father figure to the entire staff of Akin Chambers, going by the way everyone gave applause and cheers with ease, his exceptional style of leadership made them the number one law firm in the country and beyond. Most people held hope that Mark was cut from the same cloth as his father, for the purpose of continuity and sustenance of everything built over the years.

    Taking to the podium, Mark spoke about his commitment to continuing his father's legacy by taking the firm to greater heights. He retold the well-known tale of how his father founded the company from a one room law chamber to the magnificent sky scrapping complex it was now, but added an intimate detail that most people didn't know. He said, "It is because my father held the love of every stranger he ever come across in this life close to his heart that's why this firm is standing here today. I too will always hold that love in my heart, and do what's best for the firm."

    His statement was met with loud applause everyone was pleased with how he spoke and the confidence with which he flowed. His first directive as CEO wasn't really met with that same level of fanfare - He announced that all departments were going to experience an 'overhaul' which he would personally oversee.

    As he descended, murmuring filled the atmosphere. Every time an overhaul had been announced in the past years, most go on edge. This was because it meant reopening all existing personal files on all staffs (without exception), those who got employed or promoted unjustly, had their favors taken back, and those due for promotion uplifted. Everyone, especially The Circle members wanted to see how the new CEO handled the process, that would tell them exactly what the kind of man he was.


    Andrew had been looking around keenly for the perfect opportunity to approach the new boss, to tender his own goodwill message without any disturbance. He found his chance and moved to seize the moment completely.

    "That was a very good way to make an impression," Andrew said.

    "You think so?" Mark asked with a smile.

    "I know so," Andrew stretched forth his hand.

    They introduced themselves, and continued talking uninterrupted for the next ten minutes with much laxity that'll make a passerby assume they've been friends for a long time. Mr. Akin turned around in laughter, and caught sight of both men in the distance from where he stood. He excused himself from his friends and walked towards their positions.

    "I see you both have found each other,"

    Akin spoke, and was greeted with a fanfare of laughter. He wondered what the reason for their hefty laughter was. They put an end to their incessant laughter and responded in affirmative to the elderly man despite each wearing a partial bewildered look that bagged the question, "What did he mean by that?"

    "This is the crazy, but magnificent lawyer I trained, I told you about, son,” Barr. Akin placed a pat on Andrew's shoulder – by his right hand.

    "Really!" Mark exclaimed

    "Yes. He's the one,"

    "Then I'm blessed to have found you before my dad introduced us." Mark stretched out his hand for a shake

    "The pleasure is all mine," Andrew tried hard to sound humble.

    "He could help out with that case," Mr. Akin suddenly wore a serious face. His statement took away the laughter that was on Mark's lips, it left only the residue of a smile. Mark found himself wondering why his father trusted Andrew so much as to spill personal family secrets in his presence.

    Andrew knew it was time to exit, and excused himself, to give father and son the chance to discuss what they obviously need to have discussed. He walked to the bar to get a drink. As he sipped his drink, he looked around to see if he'd catch sight of her, but she was nowhere in sight. He continued to drown himself, shot after shot. After a while his phone beeped, the screen display reflected on the mirrored ceiling above calling his attention to the call that had almost rung out,

    "Anna!" He read out the Caller ID as he picked up,

    "Hello darling!" Anna's words dropped softly into his ear, her voice caused him a little chill.

    "Yea baby. Where are you?" He looked around peradventure she wanted to tease him and play the infamous game of hide and seek

    "I'm home, couldn't make it ...,"



    Anna stared at her phone's display for the second time, to make certain it was network and not Andrew that cut the conversation. She wondered why he'd perform such a rude act and subsequently refuse to pick up. "Is it because I'm in his house?" Her thoughts became fiercely vocal. She began to weigh her options - To leave before he returned sounded most meaningful. Her many thoughts were interrupted by the unique sound of his car-horn at the gate. His fast arrival suggested he wanted to surprise her with his presence. He knew she wouldn't be expecting him, and he loved the way she felt weak around him whenever he surprised her.

    "I don't like surprises like this. This is taking it too far," Her weak complaint betrayed the strong calculator she posed to be moments go.

    "But I do, and this is one of many surprises. You better get used to them,"

    His kisses followed and they blocked every resistive word she had planned to say to him; with his soft but right touches that followed, she became helpless, and peace crept into her heart; he was her man again for the night.
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