Cracked Sources - B01 E03

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    The overhauling process was over, no one was found wanting of any aggravating crime; but lots of changes were in immediate effect. Among many, Anna was no longer a paralegal for Patrick’s keep, but now for Andrew. Patrick didn't find it funny.

    It appeared Patrick valued Anna more than he had ever let known. According to him, the reason he always gave her a tough time was to build her into the soldier-kind of lawyer he knew she could one day become; he wasn't going to let her go just like that, without a fight. He went to Mark's office to tender his displeasure over the overhauling of Anna as against the other paralegals he had as statistics under his tutelage. He walked the distance, and arrived the office with a strong face and bottled up anger to aid his venting, but refrained from speaking when he saw Andrew comfortably seated over tea with Mark.

    "I was about to send for you, I guess like minds work together," Mark beckoned him to come join them.

    He resisted the invitation and tried desperately to hold onto his bottled-anger, it was his catalyst to speak his mind at this moment. He maintained his stance to go first and bare his mind with an uneasy voice.

    "Go on," Mark opined.

    Patrick took his time to narrate how much time and energy he had put into training Anna, and how much he was yet to reap from this long time sown fruit, and so he could not just let her slip away from his hand into Andrew's.

    "Shut up!"

    Andrew rebutted instantly. He claimed to have always watched from the distance how Patrick treated all his paralegals like rags.

    "Anna had it worse from the start, simply because she refused to go out with you!" He dropped a bomb.

    Fate had delivered Anna into his hands and Patrick couldn't hurt her anymore. Mark, who had been watching keenly as both men argued ceaselessly over one girl, had his fill, he cut them short,

    "The girl stays where she is, Patrick."

    Mark proceeded to introduce the reason why he called both men, who were amongst the few senior attorneys in the firm, and two of the three his father trusted with the most of his secrets. Mark took a moment to think about his father and how he was enjoying his retirement vacation. The meeting couldn't wait for his nostalgic feelings before it continued.

    After the meeting, Mark sat alone with his thoughts, he had often wondered why his father picked all three very different men to be his most trusted advisors in the firm, and today, understood his father’s choice. Andrew was the most intriguing of all, at 32, he was the youngest of the three, arguably the most intelligent, but obviously the most creative. Patrick had a thing for numbers, and even the slightest fluctuation in finance couldn't escape his detective-like notice, the last man, Mr. Sanni, 53 years of age, but with the energy of a 30 years old man, he had the wisdom, experience, and particularly the gift of foresight, he could smell trouble a mile away, he was the major reason the firm had always avoided cases that finally went wrong in the hands of firms that later picked them up. With this team, he was sure he would do well, he had nothing to worry about.


    Patrick's walked the path to his office from the elevator in silence. He took the peace he got by letting go of his anger offered, and admired every place he passed by as though he was a new staff. His moment was interrupted by his ringtone;

    Pick me up, pick me up boss.

    "Wife," He repeated after the caller ID

    "How long will you let my call ring before you pick it?"

    "Hello to you too, wife" Patrick said after his brief pause, he ignored her question.

    She nagged, threatening that he'd have to contend with her when he got back if he kept spewing trash from his mouth. “You'll come to this house na! Shey?” She reiterated her threat when he didn't play along, she accused him of messing around at the office and he willfully ignored her to ask who keeps feeding her head with such nonsense. He would meet her when he got back.

    "Could today get any worse?" Patrick asked himself after the dead tone, he needed to find the person feeding his wife's paranoia as soon as possible; in the past he had hoped to one day stumbled on evidence that implicated the person pulling his wife’s strings, but at this moment, he’ll give anything to discern the person.


    Andrew went to the 13th floor to announce to all his paralegals their new Chief – Anna. He boldly asked her to meet him in his office within the next five minutes.

    Anna arrived wearing a loud smile, she couldn't help but brush off her long hair threatening to cover the beautiful smile she wanted Andrew to see. She tied up the hair when it kept resisting to be held back.

    "This overhauling process turned out a blessing," Anna said.

    "Yes it did."

    His reply was hasty, he wanted her to understand they didn't need to hide in the abandoned floor to do the deed anymore; as his Chief-Paralegal, she had unlimited access to his office. He grabbed her butt, and pulled her towards him. He levered himself by resting on the front side of his desk. They kissed ferociously causing lots of items on his desk falling to the tiled floor including a mug that sounded like a blast.

    The door swung open, and in came Agnes - Andrew's 40 years old secretary - She thought something terrible had happened, because of the sound of the mug, "Hope all is well?" Her voice asked before her face showed up.

    "My Lord!" She exclaimed when she entered and turned away quickly: Bare-Breast-Anna buried her face in Andrew's chest. The two-way female shame caused Agnes to run out as fast as she came in.

    "She's gone baby," Andrew offered comforting words. He could feel Anna’s shame at the moment, and assured he was here and nothing would go wrong.
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