Cracked Sources - B01 E04

  • Agnes ran, up the stairs to the 10th floor: The elevator would obviously be too slow for her, causing the news to feel stale if she arrived Beatrice a moment too late.

    "You won't believe what the Greek gods just blessed my eyes with now," Agnes called her best friend's attention.

    "What is it?" Beatrice sluggishly answered, trying to resist the distraction to the work load before her to be cleared with a short time.

    "I just saw Andrew naked!" Agnes shamelessly chuckled - With Beatrice she was free to bare her thoughts and innermost fantasies: Being 40years and a single mother to three children was too hard to not have a confidant and a friend.

    "You’re not serious," Beatrice interest was drawn, just the way Agnes knew it would. "You saw his undressing, or what?" Beatrice asked hurriedly.

    Agnes broke the bad angle of the news, "I ran into him having sex.”

    Beatrice's countenance changed, "Who had the gut to have sex with my man in this office?" She asked. Agnes looked away making the question sound rhetorical.

    "I want to see the girl," Beatrice stood up in anger and pulled Agnes along to show her the man-thief."

    After 30 minutes of waiting, Beatrice observed Anna from the distance as she came out Andrew's office. Beatrice kept her eyes fixated on Anna as she walked, observing every contour on her body. She couldn't see any enticing in her body, "Is that her?" She scornfully asked Agnes.

    "That’s who you broke up with me for?" Beatrice charged at Andrew as she broke in through the door, pointing her right index finger as she spoke to further stress her point.

    "How’s that any of your business?"

    Andrew’s reply annoyed Beatrice. She argued that she was much prettier, matured and experienced that Anna whom she referred to as a tiny child. Her voice began to waiver between being-confident and being-clingy. She ignored all her inhibitions and begged him to take her back, swearing she won't mind how many girls he'd slept with during the six weeks they've been apart. Her desperation only seemed to amused Andrew who unceremoniously asked her to leave his office before he called the security. He reminded her that she was the one who called their relationship off, not him.

    Beatrice left his office, she told Agnes that Anna would pay the price for stealing her man. “she has angered the wrong babe, and she will suffer!”


    The elevator flight had never seemed too long. Everybody appeared to be looking at her: probably they could see into her soul, into her recent sin. She couldn't wait to get into the privacy of her office-space. Her hurry was interrupted by fear which rose from panic when she saw Patrick from afar; he was at the entrance to the paralegals space. She impulsively took a sharp turn to the right, down the escalator, to the lower floor.

    "This is not the right time to see him," She tried to convince herself she was doing the right thing.

    Her attention was brought back to reality. She bumped into someone and sent them both of them crashing. She held onto her left eye shortly after, it got slightly fisted in the collision with the stranger.

    "I'm so sorry!" She impulsively yelled while still holding the imparted eye, and stretching her hand as though to clasp whoever passing by for help. Her victim was a young man with a uniformed dark complexion that made him stand out in addition to his height – He was wonderfully made, and her un-fisted eye naturally took note of his many features.

    The Gentleman pulled himself up, cleaned-up a little, and proceeded to help the damsel in distress to her own feet, as she was still having difficulty recovering from the fall. "I'm sorry too my dear, if I was looking I should have prevented the collision," he said to her to break the awkward silence. A Samaritan brought ice, and he used it to wipe her eyes to prevent further swelling.

    "Do well to treat yourself better what you get home today."

    "Anna" She helped him out with her name. "Thank you very much for your kindness, even though the collision was entirely my fault" She said.

    "No problem. Thank you and see you around, ..."

    "Anna" She reminded him.

    "O yes! I’m sorry. Anna,” he chuckled. “See you around Anna."

    "And you are?"

    "Mark. My name is Mark"


    Patricia caught Anna the moment she surfaced from the escalator, still holding a piece of ice-cube to the eye of impact. "Do you know who you just bumped into, and spent the last twenty minutes talking to very casually?" She asked.

    "No, I don't. He seemed nice though," A smile slipped to the corner of her mouth

    "That's Mark, the new CEO," Patricia enlightened her.

    "It's a lie," she cried out and ran to the stairs-railing to see if she could catch sight of the charming CEO - her Prince Charming.
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