Cracked Sources (B01 E06)

  • "You look much better now, how do you feel?"

    "I'm fine, I think."

    Both ladies hugged. It was two days without their usual gossip, work hadn't been the same in her absence. Anna broke off the embrace to munch on the chocolate bar calling out to her - they were her Achilles heel. Asides the fact that the doctor told her to avoid eating just anything she came across to avoid a reoccurrence of the food poisoning she was recovering from, she just couldn't resist the temptation.

    "I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday" smiles were written all over her face, the joy of the chocolate was great. Patricia laughed and teased she doesn't on the bars with her consumption speed.

    "You won't believe what happened here yestersay," Patricia started. Anna adjusted herself for the latest happenign around; sometimes she felt they needed to start a gossip blog for the things that happen in the firm. Patrick's presence killed the joy before it could even be maximized.

    "Come with me Anna," his implied bass had began to sound more accommodating to the ear. Anna hid her displeasure and immediately obeyed. He led the movement, and she followed silently. Going nowhere in particular, he abruptly stopped, and turned to her,

    "A valuable document was entrusted to you, only for it to go missing moments after you reportedly returned it into custody. Suffice it for me to say I suspect you had a hand in its theft."

    He observed a short pause to read the thoughts on Anna's face, "If you had something to do with the missing Crescent Housing document, know that I'll find out, and your punishment will be so severe that Andrew in all his might will not be able to save you."

    Anna couldn't move: probably because Patrick was still within eye shot from her position. The moment he was out of sight, she rushed to the elevator, she needed to talk to Andrew. She kept pressing the unresponsive button of the elevator for about ten seconds till it answered her call, and opened on the wrong floor. Too engrossed in her own worry that she was still punching the elevator, she was ignorant of her environment and didn't realize when Mark entered.

    "It's either I'm invisible whenever I'm around you or I'm not as attractive as my mother once made me believe."

    Anna immediately stopped fiddling with the control buttons and turned around, conscious of the familiar voice.

    "I'm so sorry Sir, a lot of thing on my mind." She faked a smile.

    "Not Sir. Call me Mark, Anna, I'm not that old," he pleaded with her.

    "I'm so sorry, Mark"

    "I wonder why you're always in a hurry. Maybe I can be of help."

    "You can't possibly understand." She said looking up to his tall frame, her eyes at an angle that made them appear bulgy.

    "Try me," he said; trying to sound confident and sexy.

    Anna paused for a very short while, and spoke,

    "I'm on my way to see Mr. Andrew, my supervisor. Something important came up, which needs his urgent attention"

    "Are you a Paralegal?"

    Anna nodded in the affirmative.

    "I'd have sworn you were a Lawyer." Andrew took a second look at her; this was the second time he was meeting time an don both ocassions she had been well dressed to pass for a Lawyer. From the mention of Andrew as her supervisor, he pieced together that this was the Paralegal that caused Andrew and Patrick's last quarrel; he could see the allure now, it was all beginning to make sense.

    Some things were beginning to make sense to him now.

    The elevator door opened on the 15th floor, and that was her cue to leave.

    Mark placed a foot to stop the elevator's door from closing. He said, "I've not known much people since I resumed here, and I'll like that to change. Mind if I ask you out on a date, strictly platonic."

    "There's no problem with that." Her face brightened and her smile turned real: If the CEO found her worthy for a date, who was she to say no.

    "My PA will forward you the arrangement later. Nice meeting you again Anna,"

    He watched the elevator close in front of her. Anna was all smiles, she walked majestically as though she just had an interview with Jesus. By the time she got the Andrew's office she had forgotten the anger that made her rush out here in the first place. Agnes was the one to bring her back to reality.

    "Hello Anna, he's in a meeting with a client"

    "OK, thank you. I'll wait for... Wait!" Anna interrupted herself. "You know my name?" She asked Agnes.

    "Of course. That's what I do. What kind of secretary would I be if I don't know the names of all the people that my boss relate with?"

    "Relates to," Anna murmured. "That's nice," she said to Agnes hearing, smiled sheepishly, and sat quietly on the waiting bench away from Agnes' direct contact. Her thoughts began to fly - Agnes' last statement had a lot of interpretation, Anna wasn't going to let the fact that Andrew possibly had other girls at his disposal weigh her down more than she already was; he was the boss and could have any woman he wanted.

    "I'm Agnes by the way,"

    "Nice to meet you Agnes" Anna waved back from her position.

    Andrew's door flew open, and there he was showing his guests out. He caught sight of Anna, and beckoned her to come in.
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