Cracked Sources (B01 E07)

  • Anna's appearance troubled Andrew greatly. He didn't mind he had already questioned her, he wanted her to just put a name to her problem. She buried her head on his shoulder, the soothing feel of the couch in his office provided her more comfort and confidence to open up.

    "Patrick just accused me of having a hand in the missing document you all are raging out about."

    Andrew's voice hardened alongside his face. "Details," he demanded.

    She took her time, and explained in detail all that transpired, how Patrick summoned her to insult her dignity and left her hanging on a spot. All these pissed Andrew so much, he couldn’t bottle his anger anymore for it had brewed well enough. He stormed out to Patrick's office. Anna ran after him pleading for him to stop.

    "How dare you accuse my paralegal of such crime? Andrew started when he found him, "How dare you say she had something to do with the missing court evidence?"

    "And how dare you come to me raising your voice? Are we mates?" Patrick fired back, his newly cultured voice helped him sound confident,

    "Eff you and your old age" Andrew held him by his collar and pinned him to the nearest wall, "You won't respect yourself and leave age out of our stupidity. If you're searching for those who'll always be afraid of you, I suggest you go work on making your wife respect you better"

    Their loud scuffle attracted people who attracted more people, not every day two senior colleagues had s public confrontation.

    "The next time you have an issue with my paralegal, you come to me, or God help what I'd do to you" Andrew fired, and started walking away.

    "Is she the only paralegal you've got? I'll find out exactly what's between the both of you... Pervert... Weakling... I'll destroy you in this firm... I'll destroy your career, I've been here longer than you" Patrick razed continuously trying to find the perfect word(s) that'll piss Andrew off more, but to no avail.

    Mark had been watching from a distance, observing his two supposed top advisors fight dirty in public. His attention was quickly drawn to a fast approaching woman, huge, dark, and plus-sized. She was headed for Patrick whose back obliviously greeted her incoming fury. Mark wanted to shout in warning, but decided against it. "What the hell!" He said to himself.

    The woman pushed Patrick hard from behind sending him crashing to the floor. "You stupid man," she yelled down at him.

    "Yeeeeh!!!" Onlookers shouted. Their wails attracted more spectators to join the increasing chaos.

    "You think you can be sleeping with everybody here, and I won't know bah? It is me and you today..." she fired before sitting on him, he couldn't put up much of a fight because she had the advantage of size and element of surprise.

    "You are on leave. Do not come back to that house till further notice or else the neighbors will hear our quarrel, and come to find your dead body later" She sternly warned. Patrick knew better than to mess with her whenever she got like this. This was what his seven years’ marriage had become lately.

    The junior workers, paralegals, and everybody who held one grudge or the other against The always unsatisfied Mr. Patrick had a live treat to how he managed his home in commotions, whereas he pretended to be a perfectionist at work. Patrick walked out head down in shame, because of the many phone camera flashes which were fixated on him.

    Anna, who had been watching all along with guilt that she was the one who caused the entire scenario that played out kept looking at Patrick from her distance fumble with maintaining his stance, tears trickled down her cheeks. Patricia found her in time to take her away.


    Andrew was still very angry about the entire thing, he wondered aloud what gave Patrick the courage to accuse Anna of theft even though it was public knowledge in the firm that she was under his wing. It meant Patrick didn't fear him enough and he hoped he had corrected that error with his actions moments ago. He threw the mug on his desk against the double-paned glass in a moment of frustration.

    "Are you alright," Agnes ran in, she feared he'd done something stupid to himself,

    "I'm fine Agnes, can you just go away, and leave me." He sounded rude just to send her away, and it worked, she left sulking that he was rude to her even when she cared.

    Andrew stood up, and opened his lower drawer, and brought out a dirty-looking big sized package, he emptied its content, and revealed a file that read on its cover, CRESCENT HOUSING. He stared at the CCTV camera installed in his office and blinked repeatedly in silence.

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