Cracked Sources (B01 E12)

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    "What are you doing here Mark?" Anna asked again. She turned her back on him as though to walk away, but actually to wipe away the tear still forming at the corner of her eye.

    "I came to check if you're alright," He sounded concerned. She had made an impression on him, and he couldn't help but think she was avoiding him.

    "I just took the day off,"

    "Why?" He sounded like a concerned Boss.

    Anna busted into tears, not able to hold back any longer. Mark cajoled her to open up. She told him about her affair with Andrew, and how it had to end today because she found out he cheated on her. He consoled her, but every way Mark tried to console her only seemed to make her cry out more, until she got tired, and laid her head on his laps. The room was filled with awkward silence, up till the point Anna kissed Mark. The young man, though caught off guard, returned the kiss immediately, they locked lips some more. Mark rose up, and hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt to get ready for the next thing to follow. Anna pulled away.

    "I didn't mean to lead you on."

    "Did you?"

    The awkward silence returned.

    "Please you need to leave."

    Anna sent Mark on his way, she realized she was making a mistake kissing him. He made for the door immediately, no questions asked. He made adjustments to his dressing inside his car.


    Few of the circle members present at the firm led by Patrick and Sanni, walked into the public conference room, to greet their client - Delegates from Crescent Housing.

    "Welcome." Patrick wore a loud smile to say.

    "We haven't come here for pleasantries Mr. Patrick." Mr. George, the spokesman for Crescent Housing beckoned for the young lad on his team holding the Estate's branded parcel to come over. "This is an official letter stating we are terminating all existing contracts with your firm, with effect from now"

    "But why?" Patrick asked coyly.

    George took the permission of audience to remind Patrick that Akin Chambers stunk and the whole world could now see it. Above all was the news making the rounds that their CEO, Mark stole money from them while he represented the, and now they were going to side with Mr. Huey who's bent on purging their firm, he claimed Mr. Huey stands for what their Housing Estate represents, a trust Mark had broken.

    "Time to take your leave." Mr. Dimeji cut Mr. George short. George was enjoying the looks on their faces too much, "See you all in court," He finally said before they left.

    Patrick just sat and stared at the glass table, dumbfounded.

    "Come on my friend, you can't stay here and sulk, there's work to be done." Mr. Sanni charged.

    "All hope is lost," Patrick tried to justify his position to give up.

    "Where there is a number, there is a person behind it. And where there is a person behind a number, such person cannot hide from you, Mr. Patrick. Now get up and find the person behind these numbers," Mr. Sanni charged louder than the last time. Patrick got the deal, trace the money, find the person(s) behind them.


    Mr. Sanni went on with his own part to play as agrees between him and Patrick. A young staff by the name Atticus claimed he had valuable info relating to the Crescent Housing case.

    "I don't want any trouble Sir, but I felt this could help sort of a lot of the recent troubles with the Crescent case."

    "Yes, go on," Mr. Sanni encouraged him.

    Atticus claimed to exactly remember seeing the acclaimed missing figure written by Mark on his jotter when he was a part of his team during the last Crescent trial. "He went out and came back with the figures already written," Atticus claimed as what had happened. Mr. Sanni was grateful for his assistance.

    Mr. Sanni stared at his note pad, the words of Atticus inscribed on that journal held many repercussions for the firm if true.
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