Cracked Sources (B01 E14)

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    "I believe you. It all makes sense now" was all Patrick could mutter after hearing the shocker that Mark, their 25 years old CEO was responsible for the almost one billion naira missing.

    "What makes sense?" Mr. Sanni asked

    "Why my wife's been receiving untraceable alerts, and tips on things I'm doing at work. Mark's been feeding her with all those, to take my head away from my job, he's not been letting me bring my A-game to work for a very long time now"

    "Is that so?" Mr. Sanni pretended to not know about his wife drama.

    "And imagine that the young bastard had the gut to give me a two weeks suspension"

    "I understand how you feel" Mr. Sanni tried to calm him down,

    "No you don't. That boy is going down"


    "Mark! Mark!" Anna called. She just came out of the elevator onto the 18th floor.

    "Anna! What are you doing here?"

    He asked. His PA told her he always came to the 18th floor to clear his head when necessary and today shouldn't be different judging by the way he left his father in the office.

    "Who hurt you?" Anna asked him.

    Mark didn't respond to her question, his eyes stared at her lips and how different they seemed from the other night. Anna bridged the gap between them and planted a kiss on his lips. He immediately returned the kiss. He pulled back the moment he remembered what happened the last time he impulsively returned a kiss from her.

    Anna sensed his reluctance to play along for fear of rejection, she made the next move, by unzipping her gown, and exposing her full nakedness. He was insantly hooked.

    Mark rushed for her left breast, stuffing as much of the large Tip, and the breast as he could into his mouth. He moved from left to right, to left, and to the right once again - He couldn't get enough - Changing with ease from one perfection to the other. With a swift wave of the hand, all of Mark's clothing flew to the ground, and he and Anna comforted one in the other's embrace, rolling on the sheet of silk that littered the rough floor. The pain from the debris of the rough uncompleted floor, skyrocketed their pleasure, and uplifted them gauge after gauge.


    The elevator door opened on the 15th floor in front of Andrew, and he saw Anna and Mark. He frooze in his step, and watched as they both took delight in the company of the other oblivious of his presence, debating whether to alight on this floor or not. Anna came off, Mark continued.

    "He's a coward you know. He doesn't deserve you,"

    Andrew's words mostly fell on deaf ears, Anna walked hurriedly away from him. After a while she pause on her steps, turned to him and said , "When I see the one who truly is deserving of me, trust me, I'll know," She walked away.

    Andrew was very agitated. He dialed the man who promised him the world as if only he could deliver Mr. Akin. If he couldn't deliver Akin at least he could deliver his son.

    "I think I'm ready. See you in 1hour" That was all he said into the phone.


    "Thanks for calling me. I must confess your call is the best thing that's happened to me all day" The Man welcomed Andrew to The Bar

    "Thank you too for being patient with me. I finally got clarity and remembered my true purpose here"

    The man wondered if it was Akin or Mark who gave Andrew the needed clarity he required to decide because to him they both were cut from the same cloth. Andrew noticed his tone as he spoke about father and son, he asked.

    "I keep wondering why you have so much hate against them Huey,"

    Huey smiled and corrected Andrew, he didn't hate father and son, his hate was only for Akin, because of what he did to his mother, Mark was only receiving the wages of being the son of Mr. Akin.

    "What did Akin do to your mother?" Andrew inquired.

    Ten years ago, his mother, a mobile police officer, was killed in a store robbery gone wrong. The shooter was caught and the case moved to trial, but that was before the police knew who's son that was - the son of a top politician who rolled with the wrong people. Mr. Akin was the leader of the prosecution team as provided by the state. But that was the thing, Mr. Akin didn't like it, he'd always been a fan of who had the most money, even though he was a terrific lawyer, the highest bidder always got his service, and that was how he let Huey's mother's killer go unpunished.

    "All I'm doing is just transferred aggression. I promised Mr. Akin then, that I'll come back for him and all that he loves, and here I am" Huey smiled louder.

    "Hmm," Andrew wondered silently.

    Huey felt he was honouring his mother by seeing that another one of the many corrupt people she gave grt life fighting against ends up behind bars where he deserved to be. Andrew concurred with him, "Bleep Akin, Bleep Mark," he said.

    Andrew dropped the Crescent file that's been in his possession all along on the table. Huey dived to grab it. Andrew put both his palm on it to prevent the snatch, "I need a favour from you" Andrew said.

    "Go on." Huey smiled.


    "Sir your case files are all packed all ready for the trial tomorrow, which hopefully will go well" A lady said to Mr. Sanni

    "Thank you very much my dear, you're wonderful," Mr. Sanni said to her

    "Whatever happens after the trial tomorrow, know that you're irreplaceable, and I'll fight to retain you, irrespective of the changes made by whatever management assumes the mantle of CEO. OK Beatrice?" Mr. Sanni asked his effective PA

    "OK Sir" she replied.
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