Cracked Sources - (B1 E5)

  • Andrew could already tell something was off from the way Anna sounded over the phone. In time he found out the reason – she was ill and needed to have the day off to take care of herself. As sweet as she was, she didn't want him stressing himself, coming over; his insisting caused her to blush repeatedly. She finally settled for the driver to take her to the hospital.

    "Thanks though, Jerry will do," she confirmed her choice.

    "OK, if you insist," Andrew maintained his offer was still open if she changed her mind; it caused him nothing to come take the woman he loved to the hospital on the day she wasn't feeling well.

    Andrew dropped his phone. He heaved a sigh of relief - Needs like this scared him from getting married - women were fearfully demanding, and their demands unpredictable.

    "Agnes" He called into the intercom,

    "Yes, sir." She replied swiftly – part of the reasons he loved her. In no time he had passed the info of needing Jerry to go to his house for an emergency pick up as he called it. Agnes teased and asked what if Jerry asked what the emergency was, Andrew replied, "You then remind him who's boss," They both laughed, Patrick's presence ended their conversation, lately they never had enough time to communicate.

    "I can't find your Chief paralegal anywhere," Patrick's tried to form a hard voice as he spoke and Andrew could tell.

    "Today's her day off, something I'm sure she never got when she was with you."

    Patrick called him The Employer of the Year. He stressed that his presence in Andrew's office at this time should him something was up. Andrew didn't really seem to care, something was always up with Patrick.

    "The Crescent case file has gone missing!" Patrick's voice finally picked natural momentum. Andrew's attention was finally drawn. Both men stared at themselves in silence.


    After getting across to Anna, Patrick sighed in disappointment. According to her, the document was delivered promptly to the storage department on the 12th of this month. The storage department acknowledged its receipt but couldn't give a rational explanation for its disappearance.

    The inability of the file to be traced forced Mark's hands to call for an impromptu meeting of the top members of the firm - The Circle members

    "We have a security issue." Those were Mark's opening words

    Everyone stared at his neighbor, all looking confused. The growing murmurs subside quickly as Mark continued to speak,

    "The document in focus is very important and must be found. Every department must submit records of all their transactions up until the second the file reaches my mail. This culprit must be found. There's no room for snitches and untrustworthy folks in my team,"

    In as much most wanted what was best for the firm, they saw what the underage CEO was saying as a joke - You'll always have snitches and thieves in every team.


    The meeting was adjourned. Everyone took their leave. Mark asked Andrew to stay behind, he wanted his opinion on how screwed they were in the absence of the said document. "We're screwed to the tune of one billion naira if it doesn't show up," Andrew said, but then reassured him the document would surface because they always worn in this firm.

    Mark let out his frustration after Andrew left, he threw everything his hand could reach towards the large double paned glass that served as his sun screen guard - He broke down after a while, and answered the important call that came throw.

    "I've lost the document" Mark cried into the phone.

    "Any suspect?"

    "No. That document's the only thing standing between me and anyone who wants to bury my life. What do I do?"

    "Take it easy. It'll be fine. We need to make a plan" The person at the other end consoled.


    At the security office, Patrick, and Andrew, oversaw the scrutiny of footages from the 12th day of the month till the present day, but nothing showed them who, when or how the document was stolen. It was way past working hours and Andrew had to go check on Anna at home, he met someone at the parking lot - Beatrice.

    "What are you doing here?".

    "Don't worry, I'm not here to bore you with my love advances. Something more important brings me here at this time". She said to Him, "I heard from a reliable source that something valuable has gone missing"

    Andrew granted her an audience and she wasted no time in using the opportunity to threaten him. "Come back to me or I'll say all I know." Her attempt was tacky and poor. Andrew had always known she had information about his secret dealings withing the firm, but they held no sway, not that much anyway to be damning to him at this stage.

    Beatrice turned to walked away, but Andrew called her back, he wanted to be certain her words were threatening, and she said yes. "You either come back to e or blame yourself for what happens next. Andrew burst into fits of laughter: this was the Beatrice he knew, the one he liked enough to have retain as a lover for a lengthy period, not the shadow of herself that came to him begging for his pity to love her again; but he didn't care either way, he had more important things to take care of, things that made Beatrice's threat seem like child's play.

    Anna was already fast asleep, too weak to talk by the time Andrew entered. He sat on the single sofa, and watched her peacefully slumber. A short while later he placed his head under the sofa, and pulled out an unlabelled capsule container carefully hidden in a blind spot; he walked quietly to the toilet and emptied its content into its bowel, and flushed. His eyes bore an empty stare as he painstakingly watched every capsule flush down the drain.
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