Love Really Is Strange - Episode 10

  • By Lydia Jonathan

    Me: Look, Henry is it?

    Henry: yea, I'm friends with Evans by the way

    He winked

    Me: okay, this is stupid, I really have nothing to do with Evans, so, I'm sorry but, I'm not interested

    Henry: He's not doing really well, he's not been himself lately

    Me: not my problem, so if you'll excuse

    I turned to walk away, but he grabbed my hand

    Henry: I'm sorry

    He let go, when I turned to look at him

    Henry: it's just that, he really needs to talk to you, he's a mess, and I haven't seen him so distraught ever since.......

    He drifted, as if thinking back

    Henry: look, point is, you have to talk to him before he hurts himself

    Me: like I said, not my problem, so if we're done here, I've got things to do

    I turned back and started walking away

    Henry: do you even know why he left you seven years ago?

    Me: yea, as a matter of fact I do,I was naive and stupid and he got what he wanted, and when he was done he left and that is the end of it, and so is this conversation

    Henry: he left because, he loved you so much he almost died

    He half yelled

    I stopped dead on my tracks and turned to look at the man standing before, he didn't seem like the same corky man from minutes ago, but like someone who cares deeply for his friend

    Me: what are you talking about?

    I frowned

    Henry: you might wanna sit down

    He gestured to an empty seat

    I looked around to check on the girls and they're were all busy going around

    Me: okay

    I took the seat and looked up at him to continue

    Henry: if he knows I told you this, he'd probably kill me but.......

    He paused to look at me

    Henry: Evans had cancer..

    I stood there looking at the very big firm in front of me. Okay, I didn't think this through, I turned and started walking away, but stopped. I came here for a reason, I urged myself and marched in, my emotions all over the place

    “He almost died cause of you”. Henry's words kept repeating in my head, my mind drifting to the conversation between Henry and i

    “Wh what do you mean he had cancer I stuttered?

    “Lizzy.......he tried to calm me down

    “what do you mean he got cancer I repeated, getting up my seat

    Henry: Lizzy, you need to calm down

    Me: I am calm, just tell me

    I yelled

    Henry: okay, just please sit down atleast

    I obeyed and sat, staring at him like he just told me the world is coming to an end

    Henry: he got diagnosed with cancer of the spleen. Though it was rare,but since it was discovered earlier the chances of survival was 50/50 he didn't take it too well because he thought about you, you were the best thing that happened to him Lizzy

    He paused to look at me, but my face was void of emotions

    Henry: his parents urged him to go to the states for treatment but he refused, because he didn't want to leave you, he agreed to undergo, chemotherapy and take his chances here in Nigeria just so he'll be with you.

    Everything was going great, he was responding well to chemo, well, that was until his body started rejecting it, he didn't tell anyone, cause that would mean flying him out. Then he got really bad that I had to make him move back home and to tell you about it, but he couldn't tell you,he knew you were gonna get hurt. He later decided to tell you but couldn't, but broke up with you instead so as to make you think he's a bad guy than let you see him go through pain, but collapsed when he got home. The doctors said the tumour was spreading and needs to be operated on fast, so he was flown out. He almost didn't make it......

    He turned away

    “he really loved you Lizzy” he turned back to look at me

    “where are you going? He yelled but I was already half way out the café

    Receptionist: Hi, how may I help you?

    Me: I'm here to see the CEO

    Receptionist: okay? Do you have an appointment?

    Me: yea

    I lied,i couldn't afford to be sent out

    Receptionist: okay, it's on the fifth floor

    She smiled. I smiled, thanked her and walked away

    It's on the fifth floor, how hard can it be to locate right? I thought, just then there was a ding sound and the elevator doors opened. I stepped out and was amazed at the beauty of the place but was in no mood to admire it, as I walked straight ahead with one thing alone in mind. And then there it was in big bold letters “CEO” on a door

    I walked on failing to see the lady sitting on a desk

    “ excuse me, can I help you? She frowned

    I turned to look at her, she's really pretty

    “ I'm sorry, I'm here to see the Evans

    “ then you have go through me first, she spit out as already bored with the conversation or maybe she just doesn't like my presence

    I'm his secretary, she replied. Do you have an appointment

    Not willing to be escorted out

    “ No, I blurted out, but I really need to see him it's really important I pleaded

    “ I'm sorry but you need to leave he's really busy,and can't see just anyone. You can come back later with an appointment, she finished and turned back to computer

    “ you don't understand I really have to see him, please

    “ I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave before I call security

    I nodded and turned to leave but decided against it and walked right past her and barged into his office and saw him sitting behind his desk

    “ Why didn't you tell me Evans? I yelled..

    I walked past the secretary who was busy typing away in her computer and went straight ahead to his office. If she won't let me see him when I was being nice, heck, being nice just got overrated.

    I walked on ignoring the calls from the secretary till I got to the door and barged in.

    “ Why didn't you tell me Evans, I yelled

    Just then the secretary came in limping a bit cause of the heels she was wearing. I felt bad for her cause she she had to run with it trying to stop me

    Secretary: I'm so sorry Sir, I tried to stop her but she didn't listen

    She tried pulling me out but I slapped her hands away never looking away from Evans, and he was doing same to me

    Evans: it's okay Dora, you can leave, it's fine

    She nodded and turned to look at me, if looks could kill, I'd probably be six feet under, but I didn't flinch because I came here for a reason

    I turned back to look at Evans, the thought of how much he must surferred, how much pains he must have gone through kept playing in my head, and not wanting to hurt me? I felt more angry thinking about it, just then the door banged startling me out of my thoughts

    Evans: I'm sorry,

    He smiled

    Evans: Dora has quite the temper. Have a seat

    He rose to his feet, ushering me the empty seat across his desk

    Me: why didn't you tell me?

    I snapped, still looking intensely at him

    Evans: about what?

    His brows furrowed

    Me: you had cancer Evans, why didn't you tell me?

    Evans: wait, how did you.......

    He stopped, his facials tightening all of a sudden.

    Henry....he muttered

    Me: yes Henry, why didn't you tell me Evans?

    Evans: tell you what exactly?

    He snapped

    Evans: that, hey, I have cancer and there's a 50 percent chance I'll not survive it, but no big deal. Is that what you wanted to hear?

    Me: that is not fear, I was your girlfriend, I deserved to know

    He scoffed

    Evans: really? You deserved to know that I was gonna die, what difference would it have made

    Me: I know but......

    Evans: I was losing my hair, damn it. I had to wear caps, but I bet you didn't even notice did you?

    Me: that is not fair Evans, you can't throw throw that at me

    But he did have a point, how come I never noticed? I was always with him

    Evans: it isn't? Tell me Lizzy, how long did it take for you to run off to another guy after our break up

    Me: no, you don't get to go there, you dumped me remember, and through a text

    I cried out

    Evans: I was trying to protect you

    Me: I didn't need protection Evans.i just needed you, I just needed you close to me, I just needed you to tell me what was going on with you

    Evans: I guess, life doesn't always work out the way we want, now does it

    Me: your right

    I nodded

    Me: life doesn't always work out the way we want. Have a nice life Evans

    And with that I turned to walk out of his office, the tears I've been trying so hard to hold back, rolling freely down my cheeks.

    I banged the door and seconds later heard something crash in his office and th secretary got up and ran towards the office throwing me a piercing stare

    I ran down the stairs and cried my eyes out, thinking back at all the good times we shared together, the way he made me laugh, the way his eyes twinkle whenever he sees me happy, the way he held me close when I told him about my parents. How when I was being mad at him for breaking up with me, he was probably in so much pain. It was all too much, and it hurts, I grabbed my chest wishing someone could just take it all away. It was all too much to bear. I cried until my eye lids felt heavy

    I walked out the building using the back of my palm to dry the remains of my tears, pulled out my phone from my pocket and dialled his number. After the third ring he answered

    George: Hi sweety

    Me: Hi

    My voice coming out hoarse cause of the all the crying I did

    George: Baby are you okay? we're you crying?

    I nodded but felt silly cause he can't see me

    Me: yea, I'm fine

    George: are you sure? Cause you don't sound it. I'm coming over

    Me: no no, I'm fine now, really

    George: were you crying

    Me: yea

    I felt a stray tear roll down my cheeks, but wiped it off immediately

    George: wanna talk about it

    Me: no, it's not important

    George: it made you cry, baby. Seems pretty important to me

    Me: you're right, I'll tell you when you get off

    George: okay

    Me: I want to up the wedding

    George: what?

    Me: I know I said we should wait for a bit, but I want it now

    George: ar are you sure, I can wait if you want

    Me: I am sure, I love you and that's all that matters

    George: okay, I love too, but we'll talk about it later okay?

    Me: okay

    I hung up and started towards the café. Everything's gonna be okay I chanted in my head..

    Mimi? What are you doing here

    Mimi: hiiiiiiii Izzzzzzzz

    She dragged and ran to hug me

    Mimi: wow! is that a new top you're wearing, it's really pretty

    Me: are you feeling okay?

    Mimi: yea, why?

    Me: you saw me wear the top at home

    I furrowed my brows

    Mimi: I did right?. Wow, your hair is looking nice

    She took my weave in her hands,smoothing it

    Me: are you high?

    Mimi: what? No,

    Me: why aren't you at work then?

    Mimi: oh my Gód! Your eyes are swollen, we're you crying?

    She lifted my chin, turning my head side to side, like a doctor about to give a diagnose

    Me: give up Mimi, stop trying to change the subject, what's going on?

    Okay: okay, promise you won't yell

    I crossed my hands on my chest with a raised brow as if asking to go on

    Mimi: I may or may not be fired from work

    Me: what? What do you mean you may or may not be fired?

    Mimi: hey, you promised you wouldn't yell

    Me: I didn't promise anything, now explain

    Mimi: fine, I kinda slapped my boss on the face

    Me: what, are you crazy?

    I whisper- yelled,

    Mimi: he totally deserved it, how dare he try to assault me. He's lucky I was in a good mood if not, he would be in a hospital by now

    Me: so, let me get this straight, your boss tried to assault you sexually and you slapped him?

    Mimi: and walked out of his office, head held high

    She added as if waiting for a pat on the back for a doing a good job

    “you go girl” a voice startled both of us and we turned to see the owner of the voice

    Me: what the héll are you still doing here

    Mimi: who is this?

    Mimi turned to me

    Me: Mimi this Henry, Henry this Mimi my best friend

    Henry: so you're the best friend

    He turned to Mimi, extending his hand

    Mimi looked at his out stretched hand and turned back to me with furrowed brows

    Me: he's friends with Evans

    Mimi: what? I mean what is he doing here, what does he want?

    She turned to look at him

    Henry: it's nice to meet you too

    He dropped his hand, seeing as she won't take it

    Henry: by the way, what you did to your boss, very cool

    He smiled

    Mimi: why is he here Lizzy? Do you have something with him?

    She ignored him

    Me: No, and he's leaving

    Henry: no I'm not, we are not done with our talk

    Me: yes we are, and yes you are

    I pulled him out of the café, and after much argument, he left. I returned to a frowning Mimi

    Me: so hey, good news, we're having the wedding earlier

    I tried to change the subject, and I guessed he worked cause she was no longer frowning but is now wearing a mega watt smile

    Mimi: that is great, that means we have so much work to do. We've got to call the planner and the cake, oh my gosh, your wedding gown

    And with that, she walked past me, going in to deliver what I assume is the good news to the others. I sighed, glad I escaped that, but soon realised she was now jobless

    “hey! So what are you going to do now? I chased after her, but she ran away


    “ Here, George handed me a cup of juice even when I told him I'm okay and didn't need anything, he said to at least drink something.

    After the encounter with Evans, I lost my appetite and haven't taken anything ever since. But not wanting to tell George that, I agreed to take the juice

    Me: thank you

    I forced myself to take a sip. He sat down turning me to look at him

    George: so, why did you cry?was it my mom, did she bother you again

    Me: no, no she didn't

    George: so what happened? You can tell me you know

    I turned away from him, looking at the ground like it's the most fascinating thing now

    Me: I saw Evans

    I blurted out

    George: your ex?

    I nodded, still not able to look at him

    George: so? What does he want?

    Me: he wanted to apologize, make things right

    He was silent, so I raised my head to look at him

    George: so, what do you want?

    Me: nothing, I don't want anything from him

    Which was actually true, I didn't want anything to do with evans, he's the past and I'm want to focus on my present

    George: so why did you cry?

    Me: what?

    George: earlier, why did you cry?

    Me: oh it's nothing, I just wanted to go confirm something from him

    George: him? As in Evans?

    Me: yea, but it's nothing, I just want to focus on the wedding now and the rest of our lives together

    George: no its not nothing, you met with him more than once?

    Me: yea, but it's just to confirm something is all, it's no big deal

    George: it is a big deal Lizzy, you met with him and you cried. Do you still have feelings for him?

    Me: what?

    I snapped

    Me: why would you even ask that

    George: I don't know, he's your ex, and you were head over hills in love with him. You still might have feelings for him

    Me: you should trust me enough to know that I don't and would never do that to you

    George: can I? Can I really trust you?

    Hurt by his words, I slapped him across the face and regretted it immediately

    Me: I'm so sorry baby, I didn't mean to.....

    I touched his cheek to check for damages but he pushed my hand away

    George: you know what, I think we need some space

    Me: no no no no no, no we don't I'm sorry and I promise never to meet with him again, I love you George, please don't do this

    I cried, holding unto his shirt pleading

    George: I love you too babe, but we need this, you need to sort out whatever it is you're feeling, and I need the space

    Me: babe please, I'm sorry, I promise there's nothing, he's nothing to me anymore it's you I love, please we can sort it out together

    He removed my hands from the grip I had on him, picked his phone and car keys and started walking out

    Me: where are you going?

    George: I'm going over to my friend's to clear my head

    And he walked out and banged the door after him, leaving me alone to cry be continued
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