NEW STORY: Choices And Chances

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    How far can you go for love? For how long can you hold on to the one you love even where it seems it is finished and it cannot work again?

    This story is about a fight for love. Even after Daniel's several attempts to frustrate and push her away, Regina keeps her decision to stay and fight to keep him. It is glaring he wants her to leave, leaving him seems to be the right thing to do to secure a better future. But she doesn't want to leave and even after she finally leaves him, it was for a short time because she discovered they had something that could tie them together and she became determined to stay and enjoy his Love while it lasted.

    Get ready to be transported through a world of different emotions as you read this story "Choices And Chances".

    Starts on 17/07/2017
    To be posted on weekdays only
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  • Oyin Young: Monday, 10 July 2017 at 14:26:00
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